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Tasmania State Sponsorship – How do you get nominated?

Tasmania is a wonderful place, and very welcoming for migrants. Recently, the Tasmanian government announced a generous state sponsorship scheme for those who want to migrate to Tasmania (and Australia).  In this article we’ll discuss the arrangement by Tasmanian Government for Skilled Regional (provisional) visa (subclass 489) applicants. Below are the Tasmania State Sponsorship program and nomination criteria for the prospective 489 visa applicants. To qualify for the sponsorship, you’ll need to meet ONE of the following criteria.

  1. Be a Tasmanian graduate: Lived and completed one year of CRICOS registered course at a Tasmanian tertiary institution.
  2. Have a job offer: Have a formal job offer for a job that is based in Tasmania or currently working 35 hours per week in one full-time job or in two or more part-time jobs.
  3. Be sponsored by a family member in Tasmania: Have a family member (e.g. sibling, aunt, uncle, first cousin) who is a Permanent Resident or an Australian Citizen living in Tasmania and has lived in Tasmania for 12 months or more. They also need to agree to support you when you arrive in Tasmania and assist you in the process of gaining employment in Tasmania.

If you meet any one of the above, you may qualify for the Tasmanian government’s sponsorship. Essentially, you’ll be awarded the following that will help you with your migration plans.

  • 10 additional points towards your point test (only for 489 visa subclass).
  • Pathway to PR after living in Tasmania for two years.
  • Priority processing, meaning your visa will be assessed quickly.
  • There is no occupation ceiling under state nomination program!

To be eligible for Permanent Residency, you’ll also need to meet the following DIBP requirements:

  • 60 points in point test (10 from state nomination under 489 subclass) (tip: use this point test calculator to find out your points).
  • Positive skills assessment for your nominated occupation which is in CSOL or the state migration plan.
  • IELTS score of 6 in each component or PTE score of 50 in each component or hold a passport of the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada or New Zealand­.

If you want to discuss your particular occupation, use the contact form below or come to our office for free 30 minute consultation. Additionally, visit this page if you wish to know more about skilled migration visa.

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  1. Sangeetha Hadlow

    Thankyou. We would love to move to Tasmania and are currently looking for an agent. Please contact me on 07752214048 as I have a few questions. Hope to hear from you today.

    Many thanks

  2. I have some questions regarding studying at UTAS as an international student and getting my PR after 2 years. Please let me know if you can help.

  3. Hello, I would like to have migration assistance to move to australia, specifically Tasmania. Living in the USA at the moment.

  4. I have a job offer in Hobart Tasmania to work a aircraft maintenance engineer

    Can State of Tasmania sponsors?

    Badly need your advise.

    Hope to hear from you.

    Kind regards

    Luke Vavaha
    Licensed aircraft Maintenance engineer.

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