Our Story

Our story began 15 years ago when Raj Kandel started his business from home. Those days were critical in building the company and trust amongst the clients. 15 years later, we still value each and every one of our clients as much as Raj did in the early days. Although the Australian education system is much easier to navigate today, back then it was almost impossible for international students to select the right university and achieve their educational goals.

It is important to set your goals and create a roadmap

We encourage our students to identify their goals and help them set the roadmap based on their own idea of success. Our counsellors understand the student’s interests, nature, financial stability, aptitude before concluding the outcome. As a result, we offer suitable courses and programmes to students. Since Raj started this company, we have helped thousands of international students to start and complete their education in Australia. We have served, mentored and motivated students to focus on what seemed impossible and we have always succeeded. Kandel Consultancy is proud and fortunate to be part of our students’ success story and colleges and universities that we partnered with.

Professional & passionate

We are the first Nepalese education consultancy in Melbourne. Due to the growing demand, we have also started providing Migration advice through a registered migration agent. Muna currently leads the migration practice and has helped solve several complicated migration issues of our clients.

First Nepalese Education Consultancy in Melbourne

We are a professionally passionate bunch. We love what we do and we pride ourselves in promoting Australian education, we love assisting international students and we love helping people with their Australian migration journey.

Being professional would only lead to work done on time, being passionate delivers satisfaction and loyalty

Being a migrant himself, Raj and the company has been heavily involved in the local community activities. Some of our key sponsorship initiatives include a local cricket club, various community events and programmes and lots of local government programmes. We are proud to be a part of the Australian community and continue serving international students who come to Australia for quality education.