Australian Employment Visas

What are Australian employment visas?

As the name suggests, Australian employment visas allow overseas citizens (who may be inside / outside of Australia) to work and live in Australia. These visas were introduced to help local industries cope with the labour shortage issues. Therefore, the selection/eligibility criteria for these visas can also change with the growing economy. Furthermore, your occupation needs to be listed in a document called ‘Consolidated Skill Occupation List (CSOL).

Furthermore, similar to many other long-term visas, work visas are available in temporary and permanent variations. Generally, the permanent visa allows Australian employers to nominate highly skilled workers for permanent entry to Australia to fill vacancies where no suitable local candidate could be found. Additionally, the temporary visa allows employers to hire overseas workers to work for up to 4 years. Nonetheless, regardless of the stream, all these visas allow applicants to bring their family and travel in and out of Australia as often as they like.

Visa subclass includes:

  • Employer Nomination Scheme(ENS) subclass 186 [Permanent]
  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme(RSMS) subclass 187 [Permanent]
  • Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)

Key requirements are:

  • Anyone who wants to apply for these visas must be nominated by an approved Australian employer
  • Primary applicant need to be younger than 50 years of age (unless you are exempted)
  • Applicant needs to meet the skills, qualifications and English language requirements
  • Visa must be applied under the stream for which you were nominated
  • Your employer must pay you a certain salary
  • The nominating business should have a satisfactory training record
  • For regional employment visas the position must be located in some regional areas.