Are you a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)?

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What is a GTE?

The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement was created to ensure that student visas are provided to genuine students rather than those seeking to maintain ongoing residency in Australia. The GTE applies to all students and is mandatory. The officers assessing the student’s visa application will consider factors of the GTE to determine whether the student’s intention is genuinely seeking temporary residency in Australia to complete studies.

Whilst assessing the GTE requirement, we will consider:

  • Your circumstances
  • Your immigration history
  • If you are under 18 years of age, your parent, guardian, legal guardian or partner’s intention
  • Any other relevant matter

It is important to know that the GTE was not created to exclude students who wish to acquire the skills required by the Australian labour market and apply for permanent residency but as a factor to prevent misuse of the student visa.

How to satisfy GTE?

As mentioned above, there are several factors that affect the assessment of your GTE intentions. For students from highly developed countries generally, it is taken that they meet the GTE considering the conditions back home. However, for students from underdeveloped nations, the Department requires that the student prove that they have enough incentive to return back home. For example, it may be required of that student to show that they have family, wealth and prospect waiting back home so they will return. Similarly, a student can also write to the Department claiming they have job offer back home (if applicable) or family business to look after.

In summary, the Department may ask you to justify your intent and ask you to put in writing why you consider yourself a genuine temporary entrant. Everything you claim also need to be supported by appropriate evidence.

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