Refugee & Humanitarian Visas

Refugee Visa (Subclass 200)

The Subclass 200 Refugee Visa is applicable to people who are victims of persecution in their home country and are in need of relocation. Applicants of this visa are identified by the United Nations High Commissioner for refugees. Acceptance of relocation is considered by the Australian Government

In-country special humanitarian programme visa (Subclass 201)

The Subclass 201 special humanitarian programme visa is applicable to individuals who are victims, or at risk of persecution in their home country and are also unable to leave or relocate.

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Global special humanitarian programme visa (Subclass 202)

The subclass 202 visa is applicable to those who are not refugees however is subject to discrimination or other forms of abuse in their home country. People who wish to be considered for a SHP visa must be proposed for entry by an Australian citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident that is over the age of 18 or an eligible New Zealand Citizen operating in Australia.

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Emergency rescue visa (Subclass 203)

The subclass 203 Emergency rescue visa is applicable to refugees and individuals who need immediate refuge and resettlement as a result of discrimination or persecution in their home country. The assessment of this visa is completed rapidly in the event that normal delays may threaten the safety and integrity of the individual. 

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Woman at risk visa (Subclass 204)

The subclass 204 Woman at risk visa is applicable to female applicants and their dependants who suffer persecution or threats to their freedom as a result of their gender. The applicants are considered by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The majority of these applicants are referred to the Australian government by the UNHCR.

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