Why do you need a migration agent?

Using a registered migration agent ensures that your personal circumstances is carefully assessed and the right advice is provided. It is also equally important to select a migration agent with experience and right mindset to help people.

Our migration agent Muna Kandel comes from a human services background. Therefore, she brings this unique aspect of helping others. Muna treats people with dignity and does everything in her ability to make her clients’ case strong. Moverover, she is attentive, a good listener and critical thinker. All of these attributes make her pretty good at her job. Needless to say, Muna holds a graduate certificate in Migration Law from Victoria University. She has worked with some very capable names in International Education sector.


How much does it cost?

Our consultation service is confidential and personalised. Although, we provide you with a free consultation we don’t ask you to signup for service. Generally, once the consultation is concluded you’ll have the chance to make a decision to use our service or not. However, if you decide to use our service, we will tell you in writing about your prospect of success and visa you should apply for.

Did you know that a simple visa refusal could prevent you from apply for another visa in Australia? Yes, refusal can have immediate impact on your situation! So, don’t risk a refusal and consult us before applying.

Our fees are fixed and we don’t charge hourly / per consultation fee. In other words, you only pay once for each service. If you need to see us again for more information or need to consult us for matters related to your application, its free!

For example: if we are assisting you for partner visa application, we will charge you one-time fee for the entire application. Therefore, until your partner visa application is decided you are welcomed to come and see us as many times as you need to.

What visas are available?

Australia is a diverse country with probably a largest range of visas. Although the system is getting better, migration to Australia is still considered very complex. Generally, we see clients keen to apply as a Skilled migrant or as a part of a family. Below are some these more ‘popular visas’ that you may want to consider.

If you are applying for one of the three point tested visas, don’t forget to checkout our comprehensive point test calculator.

If you are dealing with a migration issue or have doubts about your prospect of success, we invite you to contact us. Please use the contact form below to reach out to us for a free 30 minutes consultation.