What is an AAT Appeal Service?

The migration and refugee division of the Administrative Appeal Tribunal (AAT) deals with the visa refusal and cancellation cases. Generally, applicants or visa holders who are on-shore during the application have the review rights. However, we strongly advise that you should check the decision letter from the Department for review rights and timeline. Nonetheless, if you are not happy with the Department’s decision, we suggest you to go for the AAT appeal option. In other words, get an independent review of your decision. Also, we recommend you to discuss your matter with a registered migration agent before proceeding.

Possible Outcomes

AAT doesn’t review or alter the law. We find that clients who appeal in the AAT don’t always get a decision on their favour. In any case, there are four possible outcome that one can hope from the AAT appeal.

• The tribunal may decide to affirm (not change) the primary decision
• Decision to vary the primary decision (made by the department)
• Set aside the primary decision and substitute a new decision
• AAT might remit (return) a matter to Department of Immigration and Border Protection for reconsideration with specific directions.

How much does it cost?

Because AAT is an independent body, it carefully reviews all the available facts and makes a decision that is in accordance with the law. In order to do their job, they charge applicant a fee. On November 2016, the fee quoted is $1673, with 50% refund provision if you win the case. All the latest information on AAT appeal process and the cost can be found on AAT’s website.

Why should I use a Migration agent for an AAT appeal?

Often we see people making AAT review application on their own. Unfortunately, this may lead to people submitting emotional submission with no regards for factual and legislative provision. We as a migration agency looks all the available facts and previous cases before presenting you in the AAT.  We present your personal circumstances, your ties with Australia, any possible error in applying decision by the Departmental officials. In summary, if you don’t consider all the relevant facts, you might not get a favourable decision, even if your case is strong. Therefore, using a registered migration agent is very important when dealing with AAT. We will represent your situation wholly and present relevant facts and legislations to assist your case. We will communicate with AAT on your behalf and accompany you during the hearing. So if your visa is recently cancelled or refused, and you would like to know more about AAT service, please contact us and receive a free 30-minutes consultation.